In Ten Personal, One-on-One Hypnosis Sessions, I Will Make You Into Who You've Always Wanted to Become

A Personal Note from Lucas (you can scroll down to the bottom if you don't want to read this):

Over the years, I've done hundreds of personal, one-on-one, live and unscripted hypnosis sessions through the internet. In fact, I'm likely to be the most-respected name who still makes time to do private sessions.

That means I spend time getting to know you and your specific problems and we arrive at solutions that are tailor-made to your needs. It is a very individualized experience; no matter what you want to address, I can help you get to where you want to go.

There is simply no one else out there who is offering anything like this experience and this level of dedication
, and certainly not with my level of expertise. I spend personal time outside of our sessions to come up with ideas and solutions for you and put that commitment into each and every one of our sessions.  I don't read from scripts because no two people's problems stem from the same experience and personal history. I treat you like an individual, something that pre-recorded hypnosis tracks, products and boot-camps simply cannot do.

The ten sessions means that I put in a lot of work to get you the results you want. As a result, I'm always swamped. In fact, you never see me advertise, you'll barely even see me sending out an email announcing that sessions are available (the last time I sent out an email was two years ago, in June 2011).

I thought about creating a sales page like the one for Demonic Confidence, but I've never needed one. I also have a handful of testimonials that I've never put up, simply because the sessions get snatched up.

Still, I do this because, for most of us, this is what we need. Hypnosis is simply the best way of getting better. It is often the only way to get rid of a problem that has plagued us all our lives. And doing it live, one-on-one with a competent hypnotist is essential.

Unlike a product, each session I sell is an actual hour of work (more, counting the hours of planning I put in before and after our sessions), so there's a very real limit to how available I am. Currently, I only have 2 slots available. They're available first come, first served.

Any problem you can think of, this is the time to fix it, permanently. This opportunity is indeed rare. These are live and individual sessions. In order for you to receive full dedication and the very best from me, there has to be a real-world limit to how many sessions I do; this isn't some fictionally created restriction.

Reserve your sessions immediately below. This is the absolute best chance to change your life permanently.

I will help you overcome any limitation and accomplish whatever it is you've always dreamed of.

$2497 for ten one-on-one hypnosis sessions

Yours for more Power,

Lucas West

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